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Jun 28, 2017 | blog

During family dinners, we play this chat game in which you ask a question and everyone around the table gets to answer. One of the recent questions was: “What is your favorite topic to talk about?” My response, quick as lightening, no hesitation ~ NUTRITION.

So, I’m taking my natural curiosity and passion for good food, fun exercise, and trying to be healthy and actually channeling it. I want to help people figure out what their version of healthy is because I think the answer is different for everyone.

My personal goal is to take all the information, opinions and science and combine everything so I can decide for myself how I want live, eat and move in ways that bring me joy and not guilt ~ that are realistic.

I’m not a food scientist or a Washington University degreed chemist or an elite athlete who as completed 5 Ironmans. I’m an over-40 year old woman who has the stresses of: how do I feed my kids something that doesn’t make me feel like I’m failing at parenthood. Or motivating myself to do the workout (that I know) I’ll thank myself for later. Or trying to get myself to put down my phone and stop checking Facebook before bed because I’m freaking tired!

Also, stupid shit like:

  • Holy crap, I need to menu plan! When the hell am I going to that (it’s often in the parking lot at the store).
  • Should I buy organic wine? Mascara? Tampons??
  • Why is gum so full of chemicals?
  • Mmmm. Coffee. Tasty. More??? Should I???

But the “shoulds” (a term totally borrowed from one of my favorite peeps) are simply overwhelming, especially in the area of being “healthy” — whatever that means.

So, my intention is to share my thoughts, experience, research, trials and tribulations and SUCCESSES in the hopes that something will help or be interesting to you! To pare it down, get to the crux of what matters to you. Check out my coaching packages, if you want to get started.

I’ve talked with so many friends and family through the years about health, wellness, nutrition, and exercise, and my favorite part always has to do with how we cope and strive in trying to do the best for ourselves and our families. I celebrate the chance to learn from others and hear the thought processes and goals that people have.

I definitely have some guiding principles around food and exercise, so although I’m flexible on a day-to-day basis (yes, my kids eat donuts), I’m rooted in certain beliefs that help to keep me grounded. These philosophies have evolved and shifted as I’ve learned more or changed priorities (there was a phase when I did make everything from scratch and Evan could only have homemade donuts made from coconut flour, true story).

But guess what? It’s ok to change your mind. It’s ok to do something different. Just because you’ve always believed something, doesn’t meant that it has to be that way forever. Is your belief and the way you are choosing to live your life bringing you joy and fulfillment? Cause you can switch it up. Really, you can.

My beliefs (right now):

  • Eat real food and focus on flavor
  • The American food system has morphed into something that makes it really challenging to be healthy (from advertising to mega-industrialized companies to crappy government agency regulations)
  • Controlling blood sugar and insulin make me function better
  • Good supplements are worth it, vitamins don’t have to be overwhelming and everyone needs them (thank you, Plexus).
  • Eat fat
  • Don’t diet, but do pay attention to the amount and TYPE of food
  • Am I eating for emotional numbing (full disclosure: I’m a total stress eater… see my post on Failure & Forgiveness)
  • Working out makes me happy
  • I freaking need to be outside in nature every day for at least 5 minutes or I feel “off”
  • Sugar fucks up everything
  • Each day, meal, and workout is different. Some days I’m in beast mode and can squat push press 60 lbs like I’m lifting up a baby other days, I just need sleep. Neither one is good or bad, better or worse…
  • Drink water. Add lemon. Or cucumbers. Or whatever. Just freaking drink water
  • Always keep learning

Really, I could go on, but that’s the point of this blog. Because I can’t ~ and don’t ~ want to stop learning and sharing in my quest to feel fully alive and happy. And at peace.

It’s unreasonable to expect that temptation and stress will go away in our busy lives, and that the truth is we’re already making decision on how we’re handling things. For me, I’m letting go of shame and “shoulds” to seek lightness in my day in the midst of overwhelm and perfection. I also need to thank another amazing coach, Lisa Carpenter, for helping in this area, especially with learning how to be proud of what I’m already doing!!

So, take a second to celebrate some of the healthy wins in your life (because you DO have some). And I believe that it’s totally up to you how you want to add more flavor to your day.

Just know that I’m here to help you, heck, and you can start adding some zest by signing up for my posts and get a free guide to making the BEST dressings and marinades with less than 5 ingredients!! woot woot!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this… hope you’ve enjoyed it and are looking forward to another *healthy* dose of reality!


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