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Stronger Everywhere Training (SET) is a transformative program designed to help you safely and progressively strengthen your body and mind. Join a supportive community, receive personalized feedback from a certified coach, and enjoy the convenience of accessible workouts.
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Stronger Everywhere Training is entirely online! I created it for people who want to get stronger, aren’t sure what to do, and feel worn out physically and mentally. This is no way to live day to day!!! And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Every year we lose muscle mass starting in our 30s! 😳

Picking up a weight and pausing to balance your mind can really help change the trajectory of your life (both in daily life and long term), especially if you’re feeling weaker, adding body fat each year and feeling stressed out.

What To Expect

  • Physically stronger
  • The ability to self-coach and self-regulate
  • Learn more about what’s best for your body
  • Decrease body fat and increase muscle mass
  • More ease in doing life everyday
  • Combat sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass that happens with aging)
  • MORE JOY!!!!!!! – this is what happens when you feel FREAKING great!!!!

Weekly Workout Program Includes

  • 3 strength training workouts (2 total body + 1 interval resistance with HIIT focus)
  • 1 mobility oriented workout
  • 1 core / lower back / pelvic floor
  • 1 balanced mind message

What You Get

  • A custom app so everything is in one place
  • Workouts automatically added to your client profile
  • Group chat; for support and sharing!
  • Option to rearrange your workouts according to your schedule
  • Access to me for video review of movements and exercises
  • Weekly Success and Intentions Self Check in Form
  • Nutrition tip of the week
  • Ability to track your own metrics (weight, sleep, nutrition, additional workouts, etc.)

This program is life changing. My clients have experienced results that they have never had with any other programs or doing it on their own. You can start anytime!

The hallmark of SET is the strategically designed workouts that will safely and enjoyable increase your strength, balance and mobility. Plus you’ll also get simple and useful tools to help you feel more steady and calm… this is invaluable. 

I know you aren’t used to doing things for yourself, but if you’ve read this far, then there’s a part of you that is ready. It’s really easy to sign up! Click the Sign Up Now button.

If you’re ready for things to change, ready to take care of your body, ready to find joy in movement, then sign up today! Let’s get SET and go! 

Let’s find the find the strong and calm you beneath your old habits and the endless recommendations for how to exercise. Imagine feeling empowered and confident when it comes to healthy habits and movement. 

Are you ready to be Stronger Everywhere?

Reviews & Testimonials:

“’I want to be stronger.’ When I shared this goal with Coach Laura I initially meant stronger with my muscles. She asked me what I was doing to get stronger. Honestly, I was doing nothing that actually made me stronger. I was running 4 to 5 days a week, not eating enough protein, and not seeing results.

What I have come to realize, was I needed to get stronger with my belief in myself. This program provides the accountability, structure, and fitness guidance that most of us need — it goes beyond the basics and gives you the opportunity to explore the obstacles that are holding you back. Sometimes you just need one person who believes in you to find the belief in yourself.”
— Amy H.

“Before starting the Stronger Everywhere Training program I felt overwhelmed, unorganized and frustrated when trying to get back in shape.

The workout program allows me to move workouts throughout the week for ultimate flexibility, which is important when trying to plan around our kids practices and activities. I can review each workout prior to starting and therefore can get set up and mentally prepared. And I love how the workouts don’t repeat the same moves over and over throughout the week.

Setting a plan and having the right mindset is a big part of the program. Being intentional and anticipating my needs, obstacles and expectations for the week has helped me feel more in control.

The App used with the SET Program is very cool. Every workout has video with a demonstration and explanation and an option for alternate lifts if needed. The platform allows direct messaging to Laura and other clients for support and motivation. Videos can be sent to have Laura to check form and give pointers! In addition, tracking of macros, sleep, steps, and heart rate can all be tracked in the app by connecting your smart watch.

This program is helping me make smart healthy choices easily. I love having a workout to-do list to start my week and the support of the app to keep track of my progress.
— Stephanie S.


Don’t wait… if you’ve read this far, it’s time to do this for yourself. I can’t wait to support you and celebrate your ever-increasing strength! Here’s to having a strong back, a joyful heart and a balanced mind and showing up stronger everywhere, not just in the gym.

Do you still have questions? Scroll down for additional details or reach out to me. 🤩


Additional Details:

How long does this last?
All workout programs follow 6 month programming cycle. Alternate movements and exercises can easily be substituted with the exercise library. Once your 6 months is over, you will need to renew for the next cycle.

Can I cancel?
You may cancel with a minimum of 30 days notice.

What if I don’t have a gym or haven’t worked out before?
It is better suited for people who have access to a gym, but you can select alternates if there’s equipment you don’t have. This isn’t a customized workout program, you’ll need to be comfortable with selecting alternates, if an exercise seems too challenging for you.

How is this different from other coaching programs?
Most online program apps are one-way, you get the workouts, but have no idea if you’re doing it right or who to ask for questions. Or you can work with a coach, but it’s triple the cost! But with SET, you can record your movements and I’ll respond with customized, personal guidance based on issues that you have. It’s the best of both worlds!

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