Get to know me

I’m a multipreneur who likes a lot of plates spinning

Get to know me

I’m a multipreneur who likes a lot of plates spinning

Yes, I’m a health coach AND a graphic designer AND I can make you a mean website AND I’d be happy to teach you how to whip up a killer salad dressing in no time flat.

One day I woke up and said, I want a couple businesses and I’m going to do this and that and it’ll be perfect and great. Ha ha!! It’s been a little bit more of a journey than that, but isn’t that how life just is???  ?

What really happened is that my work and career have always been centered around being creative. Then I decided that I would take my love of health and nutrition and turn it into something that would allow me to help other people. Somehow my friends all know that they can send me a label and I’ll enthusiastically give them the lowdown.

I earned a certificate in health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am constantly learning and adding to know my knowledge about food, our bodies and well being.

You might think it’s odd that I’ve combined these two different industries, but they actually require me to use very similar aspects of my personality — curiosity, flexibility and communication.

I’m an ennegram 7 and an ENFP; which basically means I’m hardwired to find joy in life.

It also means, I need lots going on to feel fulfilled. Being a multipreneur doesn’t feel overwhelming to me at all! It’s actually what I need to thrive. As a coach or creative, I will help you brainstorm to forge a path to get to what it is you are seeking, whether that’s increased energy and vitality or a new look for your business. Or maybe you just don’t know and need help figuring out what it is you actually want!


And then we’ll create your joyful life together:

  • a business that you’re proud and excited to show off
  • a body that you love and appreciate unapologetically
  • ways of eating and being that make you feel alive, not punished

On a personal level, my favorite ways to spend my time are hanging with my fam (I have two boys, a very supportive hubby and my mom is my best friend); working out (I can deadlift 185lbs); reading and journaling; cooking (I always look forward  to putting on my apron); comedy shows and being in nature (probably not at the same time ?). And clearly, I also like bright colors and confetti! 

I’d love to hear about you… so reach out!

Not sure where to start? 

If you’re curious about coaching, check out this page.

If you’re a business owner and need a website or branding, this page is for you. 

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