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Dedicated to fun, informative conversations and coaching about food and exercise, and the realities we are all facing to be healthy

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What do you want? What is the whisper in your soul that you have when it comes to your health and wellness? Let’s talk about what you believe and what you want… and realistic steps to get there ~ mixed in with some tenderness and fun!

It kinda all starts here. I’m an expert at getting to the crux of what people really want when it comes to being healthy and figuring out how what you believe impacts that. I have a gentle way of digging deep and helping you figure out how you can move forward to getting what you want.
There is so much information out there. I can help navigate “the rules,” so you can get to a place that works best for you and your family. You’ll end up more confident about what to eat and what supplements to take.
Yes, I like to run. Yes, I like to lift weights. Yes, I do hot yoga. Do I work out every day? No. Do I skip workouts for sleep? Yes. Do you need movement in your life? Yes, you do. But it doesn’t need to be such a struggle. Time to have some fun!
a *healthy* dose of reality

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How are YOU?

How are YOU?

How are you doing? I don’t know about you, but it’s hard not to soak up all the energy of this crazy stuff going on in our collective world. Sometimes I feel like an open wound and then I read the news and it’s like pouring salt on the pain.  Ouch. It {meaning...

How to Let the Love In

How to Let the Love In

I’ve decided I’m going to live every day as if it was my birthday! It was actually my birthday on March 5 and I was so nice to myself.  I gave myself permission to do some healing through a breathwork class. I left some things undone without berating myself. And...

Unjoyful? What to do about it!

Unjoyful? What to do about it!

To feel is a revolutionary act.  What does sentence mean to you?  For me it’s about giving me space for both joy and pain. I talk a lot about creating a joyful life –letting in those things in your life that make you happy even if it doesn’t make sense. I like to...

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it’s time to get realistic! 
“One of my greatest joys is connecting and listening to people… to laugh, learn and share. One of my gifts is being able to get to the crux of an issue and then helping you tip the balance in a positive direction. I can’t wait to hear your story.” ~ Laura

My intention is to share my thoughts, research, trials, tribulations and successes. The tools that I use for coaching will help you deal with the challenges of life, especially when it comes to health and wellness.

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“I loved your little book, so helpful! The personalized affirmation is great. Coaching comes so easily for you! You are a good listener and can extract the core in what people are saying, that’s a great gift.”
Christina S.
“This is honestly what I needed…probably my whole life. Every time I’ve ever tried to change my diet/be more healthy it was a punishment and there really was no way I could sustain being constantly punished.”
Steph T.
“I wasn’t ready to make a change, but when I was, you gave me so much help and support and encouragement. Everything you did was helpful. I have my life back. And I truly could not have done it without you!”
Rhiannon T.
What do you need on a daily basis to feel healthy? Let’s find out!