a *healthy* dose of reality coaching

Coaching that is customizable! We can talk about eating healthy, what new habits you would like to build or how to have more joy in your life.
You’ll come away with optimism and action items that are realistic!

Are you sick of going through the motions of “being healthy,” but not feeling any different?

What’s it like to work with me? … how about a warm bubble bath for your mind. This is about relaxing into new thought patterns that will result in different actions and decisions. I take the jumble of thoughts and information and guilt and tenderly get to the crux of what’s going on, so you can have the health you want.

I will be your mirror reflecting ~ and reminding ~ you of your own value. That you deserve to be happy, to feel a sense of peace, so that when you look in the mirror for real, you see the version of healthy that YOU want.

Why all this talk about the mind when all I want is to look and feel better? Because until you address your thoughts and beliefs, the “how” will always be a challenge, especially for long-term success. My coaching is customizable, we can talk about nutrition, how your childhood has affected your current eating patterns, or ideas for exercise.

Now’s the time to take some action!!! I’m so excited! Aren’t you?

If you feel scared or unsure, then that’s totally fine, and probably a signal that you’re doing the right thing and facing something that you know you want to deal with, but haven’t been able to figure out how or have not been motivated to do. Check out the packages below. I’m here for questions and to support you all the way!

Contact me for more information about coaching spots and availability. 


I offer: 

6 Month Coaching Packages ~ one or two calls per month, 3 Month Coaching packages (2x per month only) or an 8 session package. 

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