Free Giveaway – Just this weekend!

Jul 14, 2022 | blog

If you would like to listen to this message as an audio recording, click here. 

Since I got back from Peru there’s been a theme in my life that keeps coming up for me — strength and peace… 

I love the feeling of picking up a loaded barbell. I love how it requires concentration, belief and the exhilaration of the lift. In some ways, I’m most myself creating force and velocity with weights. And yet, moving quietly through a yoga series or even meditating has its own rush. It quiets everything and is so re-centering. 

The world is hard, busy, hectic, unkind, hurtful, sometimes confusing. 

But breath is always accessible. Moving your body is ALWAYS there for you. 

This doesn’t need to be so complicated or take hours; a few minutes really and it will bring calm and clarity. P.S. Gentle and kind does not mean weak. 

Strength and peace.

Yes, you are busy. Yes, people need you. Yes, it’s easy to scroll. And yet… and yet… we were meant to move. We were all meant to breathe deep, full, so-big-our-bellies-poof-out kind of breaths. And exhale. All the stale air all the way out. 

When was the last time you did that? Hopefully last week in my Letting Go of Judging Challenge. 😉 

To encourage strength and peace since the challenge is done, I’m doing a little giveaway in my Facebook group, Creating a Joyful Life (click to join, if you’re not!), and I wanted to share it with you, too! Below are links to a Stretch and Mobility flow my clients do. If you do the flow this weekend and send me a pic, then you’ll be entered into a giveaway a FREE spice blend from one of my favorite companies, Epicure. You can pick out your favorite at a $10 value.

So, I challenge you to stop for a few minutes to breath and flow with me. 

There are two options: a longer flow that has an explanation and purpose for the movements (it’s about 21 mins). Here’s a shorter version, if you just want to move through it. 

Just email me a photo that you did the flow and you’ll be entered to win!!! 

I know sometimes it can be hard to prioritize something like this when you have a lot going on. What I’ve found is that if I focus on how I’ll feel AFTER, then I’m much more inclined to make the time. It probably won’t ever seem convenient; I totally get that! And maybe something is undone (folding towels, perhaps???) for a little bit. 

Here’s to strength and peace. And remembering breath is always accessible!!! 

May you breathe and flow. May you be excited to share with me. May you make time for yourself. 
Many hugs,