It’s a waste of energy to hate the scale…

Jul 14, 2022 | blog

If you would like to hear this as an audio recording, listen here. 


The scale is a data point. 

It isn’t a reflection of who you are as a person. 

It represents what and how you’ve been spending your time. 

You may think about your weight frequently (obsessively?). 

But thinking isn’t effort. 

An assessment — are you really nourishing your body by doing these things?

  • eating mostly real food 
  • not always eating food from a box, bag or fast-food
  • drinking half your body weight in oz of water every day
  • not drinking alcohol every day or over-drinking on the weekends
  • getting quality sleep
  • moving every day 
  • doing some bodyweight or strength training

Have you done the above consistently for 6 months to a year? 

Be honest with yourself about your attention and focus.

You can’t be mad at the data; that’s a waste of energy. 

If you want results, you’re not going to get there from berating yourself. You’re also not going to get there by thinking. 

Thoughts prepare us.

Doing things changes us. 

Doing things with consistency means we get what we want.

I don’t hate the scale because I use it as data and a way to check in and assess — not to give the villain’s voice ammunition to talk shit about myself. Progress doesn’t come from being ugly. Here’s a big secret… it’s possible to be kind AND take action.  

I think you’re a phenomenal human. I see your strength and resiliency. I see your desire and quest to keep learning or you wouldn’t be reading this. I see the instinct to not accept something you don’t want.

A poem… 

you are a gift
to this world,
to yourself

be aware of the 
demons in the scale
the story of the number

is it taking away from
your gloriousness? 

because nothing or nobody
should have that power

it’s a strange metric that can cast
a shadow in your mind and heart

taking away the rightful feeling
of celebrating truer victories

that number can be useful
but not when it becomes
weaponized and defines your sense of

you have a whole body
waiting for kind attention

let go of the number

May you be honest without demeaning yourself. May you use the data as motivation. May you move from thinking to doing. 

Many hugs,

psssst… this perspective can be used with other things in your life. Do an honest assessment of how much time you’re really focusing on it, then make a commitment to do something about it consistently (not rigidly). It can also be helpful to hire a coach to help you, so if you’re not sure what to do next when it comes to movement or eating, then write me back and we can chat. Failure isn’t the worst thing that happens to us, not doing something is. Here’s to taking action, big or small. 1-2-3 GO!!!