Be present… slow down and enjoy life!
Work hard to make your dreams happen. 

Listen to your body and eat in moderation. 
Sugar is addictive. 

Give your body a rest because we’re all so stressed. 
Make sure you exercise. 

Take a break from screens.
The next episode is on autoplay. 

Save money. 
Your life will be better if you buy this. 

Go be in nature. 
All of our work is inside. At a desk. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
Youth and perfection is still the ideal. 

Decluttering will bring you joy.
Amazon Prime. 

People want authenticity and real stories. 
Every app has a filter. 

I’m so busy, there’s not enough time. 
Yes, I’ll do that, too. 

How many choices do we make in a day? In a minute even? Aren’t there “right” answers in each of these? The trick is to pay attention to what is driving the decision. 

And even more importantly, pay attention to when that decision is coming from a place of guilt, shame, comparison and should. I worked with my coach A LOT on my own issues around feeling guilt at being human… sometimes I’m crabby, sometimes my kids eat frozen burritos, sometimes I don’t work out, sometimes I can’t meet a client deadline. Failing at stuff was crippling to me. 

But we can’t be all and do all of these things on this list at all time. It’s a dance. Sometimes it’s based on an immediate want and sometimes it’s anchored in a long-term goal. Either way, do you realize, you get to decide to be satisfied with your choice? 

Fear and shame yell – “It’s not enough. It can’t be easy. Why did you do that? You’re not worthy.” 

As you’re making decisions, your job is to listen to the whisper inside you about what you really want. Begin to recognize and be aware of what might be influencing your perspective. Is it coming from a place of comparison or guilt? 

At any point in time, you and you alone can say, “I’m satisfied with my choice.” 

Try it, it’s pretty liberating. Let me know how it goes!!
Many hugs, 
~ Laura