I was at the gym and I was having trouble figuring how to do this exercise. I had to lift up a weighted pole that was on a hinge and flip my grip from underhand to overhand and press upward. 

Every time I got to that moment of the flip, fear would rush through me and I would feel like I was going to drop it. And then one time I did – CLANG!!! The bar crashed to the floor with a big bang reverberating through the gym. 

I was frustrated. 

I kept at it, though. Asking for guidance from my trainer. But still the split second of fear at that flip was holding me back from “getting it.” 

I kept picturing it falling to the ground (again). I was visualizing it not working; preparing for that moment of failure. 

Where in your life are you preparing for disaster?

What if you pictured it working?

I decided to envision the flip WORKING!! And guess what, after one set of struggle, I got two really good ones in. 

Is it smart to mentally run through challenges and know what difficulties you might encounter? Yes! But are you stuck there? Are you concentrating on what sucks??? What’s hard? And not on that moment of exultation and accomplishment? 

If you can’t picture something working then I ask you to think about your beliefs (read more about that here https://laurakharris.com/whats-something-important-youre-doing-today/) and your intentions and feelings around it (use this guide to help you: https://laurakharris.com/my-intentions-a-free-guide/).

You also need to check in with yourself and make sure that you’re feeling worthy of that success. Because YOU ARE WORTHY!!  

Maybe you’re making more progress than you realize, too. Sometimes it’s hard to see that in ourselves. We want instant gratification, but most things in life happen little by little, not in one day. So, don’t give up! Try to recognize where you’ve made improvements without the little voice that says: “oh but that doesn’t count because you didn’t do this and that.” Or “it wasn’t perfect enough or easy enough.” There’s no such thing as perfection. And easy isn’t promised.

Every day hold steady to what you want. Whether big or small, easy or hard (I want my children to put their laundry away today with no arguing! That may be a small thing, but it could also be challenging 🤩). 

Picture in your mind’s eye that it is working. Do it from a place of love, too. Because if your internal voice is saying you hate something or that it’s going to be miserable, there’s a pretty good chance that’s is what will come to fruition ~ it will be an icky, troublesome experience. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will. 

So, if you have a moment of overwhelm, process your fear or despair by recognizing and acknowledging it’s there. Do not pretend it doesn’t exist. Don’t ignore it. Fear is just another emotion like joy. It’s not necessarily wrong. This is about making a choice to let it move through you and choosing what to focus on. 

Know what you want. 
Take a breath. 
Believe in yourself.
Keep going. 
Picture it working. 

Many hugs, 

See the list above! If you want support with any of this, check out the details about my coaching spots!!! You are worthy right now of releasing that fear and overwhelm. 


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