I had this shirt made when I coached Evan’s soccer team when he was in kindergarten. It’s always been my favorite. And now I get to wear it because it’s my new job description.

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was admitting I was unhappy. But I did. I was at a workshop Brave two years ago and I said my goals were to figure out my creative business and to see where nutrition and Plexus fit into my life. Flash forward… I’ve taken my final test as a student in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I officially have a certificate in health and wellness coaching. The doors are open for business!!!

Would you like a guide on the side, someone to support you and keep you accountable? Someone who can be your personal cheerleader when it comes to those areas where you would like to change, but it’s not quite going the way you want it to? It might be worth considering if you could benefit from having a coach. I know I made huge strides in my life because of working with a coach. She asked me tough and valuable questions.

Things like, so what is it that you are seeking??? Because whatever it is, it’s possible.

I’m not special. I opened my mind and my heart, asked for help, put my head down and focused and, above all, believed it could be done.

  • Instead of crying every day, I now look forward to my work.
  • Instead of feeling burned out and overwhelmed, I’m energized and focused.
  • Instead of thinking, how the hell am I going to do this for the rest of my life, I think, “holy crap, I GET to do this every day.”

I fired the clients who made me cry and am now surrounded by people who inspire my creativity. I have a Plexus team that gives me goosebumps with how much good they put into the world. And now, I get to take all that I’ve learned and studied and invested in – and help others.

Yep, a chance to be a coach and cheerleader to help people stop feeling like crap, and live the life they want. Maybe you…?

Because, it’s possible.

And you’re worthy of whatever it is that you’re seeking.

It took me a long time to see that and believe that in myself. But now I’m doing things that I never thought I would be able to say are a part of my life. For example, I’ve already held my first grocery store tour event called Just Tell Me What To Buy. This is great for people who feel overwhelmed with all the “healthy” options at the grocery store. Contact me if you would like to know when the next tour will be held.

I have more exciting things planned! Sign up to get my emails on a regular basis, so you don’t miss a post or a program. After a year of my head in the books, I’m looking forward to writing and sharing more often… more to come. : )
Hope to hear from you or see you at the store!

Many hugs,


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