Today is not a typical work day for me, and I’m so excited!!!! I scheduled a “professional development” day  ~ I’ve got my notebooks (filled with ideas and goals), my laptop (so I can check my QuickBooks) and my favorite pens (Frixion erasables with purple ink, of course). 

Today isn’t about coming up with the perfect business model or the beating myself up for what I didn’t accomplish. It’s about connecting to myself, my dreams and checking in with where I am with my life and my businesses… yes, I’m a multi-preneur and that’s not going to change. ; )  

Are you afraid to ask hard questions of yourself? It can take courage to face the ugly bits, but it’s also how we grow and change and create new ways of being. 

Here are my list of questions:
What’s working / not working with the way I’m doing things? 
What do I want to change?
What do I want more of?
What do I want less of?
What do I want to create (make)? 
What am I dreaming of? 
What are my metrics of success?
What are my non-negotiables?
What is FUN!!!!?! 
Where do I lose myself in my work? 
What is pure for me?
What do my clients most value (prob should ask them, too)? 
What am I scared of? And why?
What’s outside my comfort zone and does it matter?
What are the current clues in my business that I’m not paying attention to?
What am I saying yes to that I don’t want? 
What are my EOY 2019 financial goals? 
Where do I need accountability? 
What are my habits ~ helpful and not so good ones? 
What are the other habits that I need to build? 
Do I want to scale? 
Who do I want to work with? 
Do I need help?
What non-profit can I serve? 
What do I desire for 2020? 

I think I might need more than a day to cover all of these!!! Again, it’s not about perfection, but CONNECTION!!! I’m not looking outward to what others say means that I’m successful or happy ~ this is about what I want and what makes me fulfilled as a person and a business owner. 

We get so caught up in other people’s and society’s metrics. It’s so hard to let that go and define it for yourself. I didn’t download any templates for today, I just sat down and asked myself about my intentions… that sounds funny (I asked myself about myself), but how often do you do that?  

I feel excited and can’t wait to see what comes out of this sacred time. 

What would happen if you gave yourself this same opportunity!!?! Aren’t you curious… maybe you should try it! If you do, let me know how it goes or if you want any help with asking these hard questions ~ that’s what I do as a coach! 

Here’s to saying yes to the things we love ~ in work and in life.

Many hugs,


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