No, you can’t be a health coach! 👿

Mar 6, 2021 | blog

That time when I was really stuck and what I did about it… 

I remember awhile back, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to be a health coach. And then I wrote a big, ugly “NO” under it. I literally said no to myself. Then I listed all the reasons why I shouldn’t. I gave up on myself before I even started. Sigh. 
I don’t want that for you. I want you to allow your desire(s) for your healthiness to come up, to surface… to give them credence and encouragement. Right now, I believe in you and what you want, even if you don’t… yet. 
I didn’t take that NO for an answer. And oh my goodness, I’m so thankful for that. The people I’ve got to help, the deep fulfillment I’ve experienced, and the excitement I have for all that’s to come. I wake up in the morning and ask, “what result am I going to create today?” It’s a really fantastic way to live. 
Fear is misleading. It also has to be processed. A big part of moving through that NO into what is possible was taking time to address and manage my thoughts. I still do this because there’s still things I want to accomplish or experience where I encounter: “no, it’s not possible for you, Laura.” 
And then I laugh and do my thing, which I’ve shared below. These are great journal prompts or things to think about when you’re on a walk. This is the first in a series of emails, which I’m going to share more details with each one, as it relates to healthiness. 
I’m also going to teach this as a paid webinar in April, so sign up below if you would like to be on the waitlist for this. I’ll make sure you get the details! It will be focused on your health and fitness goals, and we’ll walk through these steps, which I use for my coaching clients.
The photo above is from a mug I found when I was shopping. Of course we can’t really predict the future (thanks for the reminder 2020), but at the same time, if you don’t acknowledge what you want and where you’re stuck, then you absolutely won’t get what you want. What kind of life is that??? 
Follow along with your own piece of paper! Have some fun seeing where your mind wanders!!  🤩
There is a direct correlation to how strong the villain’s voice is to how tired I am. The villain’s voice is the one inside you that holds you back, is extremely critical and says “it’s not enough,” no matter what.    

And the more tired I am, the less I can see the nasty voice for what it is and process it. Exhaustion means I’ll succumb to believing its untruths. Take a deep breath and call it out. Then go to bed early.

Can you be more aware of your villain’s voice? 
We are made up of habits. We tend to tell ourselves that when we don’t accomplish something, or it seems impossible it’s because of some horrible personality flaw that we have. But it’s actually in big part because of our habits. This isn’t just true for the action we take – our way of thinking is also a habit. The story you’re telling yourself is a habit. 

Maybe don’t beat yourself up so much for “not being able to figure it out” and make change that sticks. It’s not that you can’t ever, it’s that you haven’t created the habits yet that support the outcome you desire.

What habits do you want to develop? 
Refuse to be stuck. 

My stuckness usually relates to time, tasks and spinning in today’s deadlines when I also want to be long-term focused. It’s all pressing down, and I feel paralyzed by inaction. Right then I can allow that feeling to suck me into a spiral of ick or I can refuse to be stuck. Sometimes a little pity-party is warranted and can help. But I don’t want to stay there or let that be a habit (see #2). 
A few things I do: practice gratitude, meditate, just look at the list and pick the next best thing. Do nothing for a moment and give myself a breather. The specifics don’t really matter. It’s more about the conscious decision to refuse to be stuck in a negative thought loop, in listening to the villain’s voice, in recognizing that whatever I’m dealing with is not really a concrete brick weighing me down forever because it’s not. Things are always shifting. 
I refuse to be stuck by asking myself, how can I be active in creating the shift? 
What identity/label am I choosing? 
We love our labels!! Married, divorced, mom, dad, procrastinator, caretaker… but we let those roles tell us how we need to BE and show up in life. What NEW labels do you want for yourself? Look around and identify other people who are already the identity you want. What is their attitude? Can you BE more like that? Don’t just focus on what they do…  it’s about the attitude, the energy and the feeling that the label/identity creates.
Can you articulate the characteristics of the identity you’re seeking? 
How can you make space in your life for yourself? 
The outside world frames this as hustle and doing. Show some stats!!!! The brain also likes this. We need the anchor of a metric. Ok, that’s fine. BUT, it’s also about the space we make for our own expansion and inner growth. This is where we process stuff and come out of it the most ourselves, which is hard to measure because it’s a feeling inside. 
I can’t tell you what this space is for you. What can you do EVERY DAY to slow down; to contemplate; to stay in tune with yourself. And this is the big one – to acknowledge your desires and then stay connected to that deeper part of yourself. 
See #2!! What are the habits when it comes to making space for yourself? 
Sign up below to join the waitlist for the webinar in April! Let’s get unstuck and move forward with what you want with some help and support. 
May you not let fear mislead you. May you say yes to what you want. May you refuse to be stuck. 
Many hugs, 

P.S. If you know someone who would enjoy and benefit from this message, please forward and share!! 🥰

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tell me, what do you want?


hey, deepest part of you,
the quiet, silently standing by
part of you

that whisper
that comes about
in the stillness

what is it telling you? 

the one that you shut out
with busy and no and 
say it’s not possible or


F’ that! 

isn’t this YOUR life?
your one life? 

please dream
please love your worthiness
please ask for help

we’re all rooting for you

but first you have to unleash
and awaken and root in 
your desire

tell me, what do you want? 

can you answer without giving
its opposite:
“I don’t want ______”

ahem, that wasn’t the

what is the whisper saying? 

tell me, what do you want? 

let’s do it. 

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