Never Ask For Help

Sep 15, 2021 | blog

I think in a past life I was pioneer woman going out to settle new lands. I can see myself in a covered wagon going over dirt paths in a wagon, dealing with the dust and hardship with stoicism. I’m practical, efficient and uncomplaining, working sunup to sundown. 
You do what you need to do. Don’t ask questions. Just do it. Like build a well, because you know… water is important. Or plant fields because, food, also important. 
Except I’m not a pioneer woman. I use an app to get groceries. I have a housecleaner. And fortunately, I don’t really worry about where the water is coming from.
I’m lucky. Blessed. Privileged. Extremely grateful. 
And also – I don’t HAVE to do EVERYTHING by myself. This isn’t Little House on the Prairie… as much as I wanted to be Laura Ingalls growing up! ?
Permission to Ask for Help
How come there are certain things that are acceptable to hire people to help you with – getting an oil change, doing your taxes, going to the dentist (you get the picture). 
But when it comes to our own health and wellbeing, things must be kinda crappy before we think… hmm, I need help. 
Maybe you’ve gained weight. 
Feel frustrated with overeating.
Are overwhelmed with your to do list.
Not sure what to eat.
Don’t have time for fun.
Are out of shape and stressed out.
But life is busy and there are so many people and other things to take care of, so your own body and health is something you can’t focus on right now. They come last most of the time. 
Here’s a gentle reminder. A nudge. Perhaps even a little bit of permission that…
You don’t HAVE to do EVERYTHING by yourself.  
You are the boss. A good CEO knows how to delegate and outsource. A good leader – and you are a leader if you are a parent or work alongside other people, even if you’re not directly managing them – knows that you must invest in your own self to be the best for others.  
I love taking care of my people, especially cooking food for them. We jokingly call it Mom’s café at breakfast because I’ll let the boys decide what they want… breakfast sandwich, waffles, how much bacon?? What do you want to drink? ? I get such gratification out of doing this for them.
But I also know how to take care of myself too. 

And every day I get better at asking for help. My boys are now old enough to do their laundry. Let’s just say, I’m not a huge fan of how they fold things, but it’s done and maybe the shirts aren’t perfect, but I can go for a walk with my dog, Katie. 
I’ve created strategies that makes it easier to take care of myself – I use a giant water bottle and only fill it twice a day. I don’t keep desserts on the counter (food in line of sight, generally means we eat it). 
You Don’t Have to Keep Struggling
Scenario #1
Your car needs an oil change, you go to the mechanic. Do you even second guess that? You get help and don’t question it. 
Scenario #2
You’re struggling with what to eat that’s healthy or overeating, but what do you do? Maybe tell yourself it’s not important. You’ll just do better tomorrow. Or the dreaded “F’it. It doesn’t matter anyway.” 
Going back to that earlier question, how come there are certain situations that it is acceptable to ask for help, but other times it’s not significant enough to prioritize? 
The crazy, ironic thing is that you and your health are THE MOST important. 
You don’t have to keep feeling like doody-pants. You don’t have to keep struggling. You don’t have to put yourself last. You don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. 
If you’re the type of person who takes care of everyone else besides yourself, then join me for Be the Boss of Your Body! 
This is for the people are the caretakers, cheerleaders, the social planners, and the one people turn to for support. I know you love it! You genuinely care about your family’s and friends’ wellbeing. Don’t ever stop doing that!
In this 6-week group program, you’ll learn how to cook without stress, eat without guilt and move your body to feel less anxiety. We will have 1 group call during the 6 weeks. PLUS, a 1:1 private call with me to help you determine your goals and teach my proven framework for how to manage cravings and temptations in real time. 
This is about turning intentions in actions with love, support and actual recipes!! For real results
No more, “I know what to do, I just don’t do it.”

The program starts on October 4. Your investment is $325, but if you sign up before September 27 and use the coupon “READY” to get a discount to $299. Plus, early birds get the discount and a bonus!!!! A FREE Grocery Store Tour, normally a $125 value. You must sign up before September 27.
This is a lifechanging program!
You can read more or click the button below to buy now. 
If you have questions, aren’t sure if this is for you or want more details, then just hit reply. We can talk it through and see what you think. 
May you know that you are worth prioritizing. May you stop putting your own wellbeing last. May you see that you can take care of others and yourself. 
Many hugs, 
Don’t forget to use the coupon code “READY” and register before September 27 for the discount!!!! And the free grocery store tour!!

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