May you remember you are nature, too.

Mar 28, 2022 | blog

We are a ROI culture — the question usually is, “What’s the return on investment? When will I get results?” 

There’s nothing wrong with that, but I want to back up a second. 

What if the process itself was considered part of the “return?” Some might say it could even be the biggest value of whatever it is that you’re doing or experiencing. 

We need results. But, focusing only on that means that you’re missing out. 

Enjoying the process makes you feel alive. 
…there’s magic and joy there!


And then there’s patience. 

Things take time (especially changing our bodies and creating new habits). 

Patience is hard. 

Nothing in nature happens instantaneously though. And if it does, it’s usually not good. It takes at least 15-18 years for a human body to develop into adult physical form. YEARS!!!

Think about how long it takes for a season to change? It takes months to move from winter’s gray flatness to the green voluptuousness of a forest in summer.

… and we are from the earth, too. 

We live and breathe and die and decompose and physically go back to the earth. 

You can’t rush nature (or yourself). 

… so

how can we fall in love with the process? 

What will I learn? 
How will I grow?
How can I share what impacted me? 


As a trainer, my favorite thing to hear is, “I can’t wait to get to the gym to workout. I love the feeling I get from it.” — that’s falling in love with the process. Of course, it’s easier when you get endorphins to want to do something. 

Sometimes the process isn’t as much fun. That’s when I rely my purpose. 

My purpose gets me out of bed. 
My purpose keeps me focused. 
My purpose give me courage when I’m afraid. 
My purpose helps me begin again if I falter.

My process makes me smile as I’m trying to get better. 
My process can be continually adapted.
My process keeps me present in this moment. 
My process reminds me to be grateful and seek joy. 

I think sometimes our goals feel out of reach because we’re unsure of the process. It’s uncomfortable to not know. It’s not fun to let things unfold. We like guarantees, not “trust the process.” 

We want control and structure. Trusting in unfurling… eeeekkk!! So hard!!! But it’s necessary for falling in love with the process. When the process is emotionally painful, like grieving, it’s even more important to accept the ebb and flow and the non-linear that is experiencing life. 

Results aren’t the only thing. Here’s a question to consider — how can you recognize, relish and be patient as you move through your own seasons?

May you hold fast to your purpose, as you enjoy the process. May you see learning as living. May you remember you are nature, too. 

Many hugs,

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