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We don’t make it through this world on our own, by ourselves. One of my values is personal growth. I’ve worked with life coaches, businesses coaches, nutritionists, and money coaches because it’s kind of like going to college again, but way more fun! I’ve learned something from all of them from the courses and programs I’ve been a part of, as well as constantly listening to podcasts and reading. I share the work of the people below because each of them has made an incredible impact on my life. So, check out the books, blogs and podcasts mentioned below. This is my way of shouting their awesomness from the so-called (internet) rooftops. And hopefully, you’re inspired, too.

your truest work

Kristen Kalp

If you are interested in finding out what is your truest work, then trust her to help you get there. Kristen is like having your own personal Dumbledore. She will honor your truest self (not your fear) and basically with some gentle ass-kickery, you’ll find yourself actually DOING the thing (not just thinking about it).

I attended her Brave workshop in early 2017. It was magic, but oh, so practical. In fact, you’re reading this now because of her. Or else I was going to put this off until 2025. Not kidding. Read anything she has written or listen to her podcast, so aptly name That’s What She said. Just go do it now… here’s my favorite.


“Whether you want to label me a poet, an author, or a business coach — whether you’re here to remember that you’re not alone or get brave or get quiet or align your business with your truest, deepest, and most tender bits I’m so freaking glad you’re here.” ~ Kristen

daring greatly

Justine Froelker

Justine is currently on tour teaching the Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ curriculum, based on the work of the amazing Brené Brown, who wrote Rising Strong and Daring Greatly (and more). The workshops offer a way to reckon with what you want to change; give you the courage to rumble with it, and the tools for revolution (you know, how you can really change). It’s a safe space to be vulnerable. I arrived at the workshop with a Shitty First Draft and came away with a new story. And Justine will walk beside you the whole way, authentically sharing her own experience.

“Show up, be seen and live braver lives.The primary focus is on developing shame resilience skills and developing a courage practice that transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead.” ~ Justine

i’m a lucky bee

Denise Duffield-Thomas

What’s your money story? Have you ever thought about that question before? What’s the narrative around money that you have? If you’re not familiar with Get Rich, Lucky Bitch and you’ve ever thought about money (um, like isn’t that everybody!!!), then you should definitely check her out her work. I recommend starting with decluttering. It’s the basics of our money relationships. This is isn’t about more just for the sake of wealth, rather when you work with Denise as part of the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, you will be awakened to a whole new way of thinking about money ~ and yourself.

“The things that you’re tolerating, especially if you’ve got broken or Economy Class items in your life, are reflective of how you believe you deserve to show up in the world and what you believe you should receive.” ~ Denise

master of my money

Jen Hemphill

When I started working with Jen, I did not have a system. But I got involved with Her Money Matters and, now, a couple years later, I’m actually excited to pay bills and look at our financials. #truth. Her advice of “Plan, Patience, Confidence” helped me to see how I am the master of my money. PLUS, she hands-down has the best tools available. Her tracking spreadsheet that is available with the Fearless Money Sisterhood is a cornerstone of our family’s money plan ~ notice, I did not say budget!!! That’s how Jen rolls… she creates useful, practical tools and helps to move you in the direction you want in a positive way with a great smile and warm personality.

“I believe everyone needs to be financially literate. I believe you need to spend & save mindfully. I believe that you need to live fully with what you have right now.” ~ Jen

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