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The professor who led my capstone course in Journalism School at Mizzou said, “You really love the discussion and discourse that comes with each project. You’ll make a great art director.” And wow, that is so true! I like absorbing and learning and processing things and then talking them over with people to get a sense for what feels right and what are the pros and cons… whether that’s something about nutrition, Plexus, working out or what color to nail polish to buy. ; ) 

Below is a list of my favorites that I’ve curated. I imagine that I’ll continue to add and grow to this list, but these are my go-tos for figuring out and working through life. May you find them useful and interesting, too!

life and business coaching

Money, finding your truest work… being brave. 

Check out my favorite coaches and programs. Seriously. Just do it.  

nutrition & supplements

I ♥ science

Below is a list of my favorite nutritionists and people dedicated to the practice of functional medicine. You can find anything on these sites ranging from recipes to discussions about diseases with an overal focus on health that is motivating, informative and something you can figure out what’s best for you.  


Don’t be afraid to ask for help in your quest to be healthy. The truth is, our guts are suffering, which in turn affects everything. I mean everything. I’m an ambassdor for Plexus because I believe in being healthy from the inside out. 


Get your head in the game

Podcast are like tasty bites of “getting smart.” Here are a few of my favorites that are mostly focused on entrepreneurship and life stuff. I know there’s A LOT out there, so these are my “go to’s,” if I know that I want to become wiser in 25 mins or less (or at least feel like I am). 

Mind Your Business  ~ James Wedmore

The Life Coach School  ~ Brooke Castillo

That’s What She Said ~ Kristen Kalp (mentioned here)

How I Built This ~ NPR

Happier ~ Gretchen Rubin

All the Stuff 

food & recipes


Several years ago, I signed up for a service called e-meals. It changed my life. I learned how to cook… about spices and flavors. And it was all in an app ~ 7 recipes a week that I could pick and choose from. Now, I’m so comfortable in the kitchen that I can look in the fridge and pull stuff together, but guess what? I still use emeals because I love getting new ideas without spending hours going through pinterest or cookbooks. 

My favorite food hacks 

You can check out the nutrition websites above for lots of recipes, and I hope to add more to my site, but there are few so far. 

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