How to get Clarity On Your Goals

Mar 13, 2021 | blog

Do you know what you want? 
Last week I shared a post that was about going after what you want and my intention was to expand on that to help with getting unstuck and moving forward, but then I wondered: 
 When it comes to your health do you actually know what you want? 
Are you able to say it clearly and directly? 
Is it foggy or daunting or just plain hard? 
It’s kind of a challenge to go after something that you don’t have clarity around. So, before we tackle how to get there, let’s talk about goals!!
Eeeek!! This word can cause so much anxiety, but just relax… this isn’t meant to be stressful. It’s meant to awaken something in you. To help cultivate that whisper inside around identifying what you want. 
Because, as the philosopher and poet Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you.” Let’s let it in!! 
My Goals – how what I want guides me 
For me, I lift weights because I want to BE and feel strong. I train to keep my body conditioned so that as I age, I stay stable and powerful (because I don’t accept the BS idea that we have to get feeble!). Working out makes me feel confident and joyful and sexy. It also makes me feel most like myself.  
I eat real food 80% of the time because my “cells” like it, and so does my digestive system and my joints (less inflammation). This makes me feel harmonious and centered. 
When I don’t move my body, I’m full of angst (my husband says that if I don’t get stinky on the outside, I get stinky in my brain 🤣). When I eat a lot of processed foods, I feel bloated, lethargic and frumpy.
“But Laura, I don’t know what I want. It’s not very clear.” 
No worries, friend! I’ve got you… 
Start with what you don’t want. 
How is it making you feel? 
What are you dreaming about? 
How would THAT make you feel? 
Set a metrics goal. 
Set a feelings goal. 
Create your action steps. 
Be anchored in your feelings. 
Not wanting to feel something is a great place to start. But it’s that shift to really identifying and honoring what it is you DO want to feel that will help with being clear around your goal. 
“Where focus goes, energy flows.” That’s from Tony Robins. If you’re spending ALL of your time saying, I don’t want this or that, then guess what you’re thinking about and focusing on all the time – yep, you guess it – what you DON’T want. 
Again, I’ll ask – what is it that you want for your health? 
Lose 10 lbs? Run a 5k? Eat better? Get toned?
How will you feel when you accomplish that??? 
Let’s get the energy going in that direction, ok? 
… how to do that… 
I have two handy – FREE – worksheets that I use for coaching my clients in Be the Boss of Your Food Program. I’m sending them to you so you can use them!!!! 
One is a Boss goals worksheet to help walk you through identifying your goals. Get the worksheet. 
The other is a feelings list. Download the pdf now. 
UGH!! I hate feelings! 
You’ll notice that above I said, set a metric goal and set a feelings goal. You’ll also notice that in my own goals do both – eat real food 80% of the time so I feel harmonious. 
A number is just a number. It’s a bit arbitrary for each person. It’s actually a feeling that you’re seeking, but that’s not how we’re taught in society. We’re taught to chase the metric – pounds lost, money earned, statistics that SHOW something. 
But it’s what happens with our feelings that keep us anchored and motivated. Because sometimes you can reach a metric goal and it’s a bit anticlimactic… 
The feelings list has both negative and positive emotions, so refer to that to help you if you’re not used to thinking about goals this way.  
Results aren’t just about numbers. Consider both!! 
What’s next??? 
In April, I’m going to be teaching this whole series as a webinar/workshop, so hit reply if you’d like to be added to the waitlist to make sure you don’t miss it. 
This process has helped many of my clients move from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, tired and hopeless with regard to their health to empowered, vibrant, and free. Ditching that viscous cycle of dieting and letting the scale dictate their mood and how they feel about themselves.  
So, if you have a vague sense that you want something different with your health, then check out the worksheets. I would love to know what your goal is!! 
As I said in last week’s email – refuse to be stuck. You don’t need to be at odds with yourself. It’s time for growth with a happy dance… this is your invite. 💓
May you be curious. May you see that you have more options than you realize. May you prioritize yourself. 
Many hugs, 

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tell me, what do you want?


hey, deepest part of you,
the quiet, silently standing by
part of you

that whisper
that comes about
in the stillness

what is it telling you? 

the one that you shut out
with busy and no and 
say it’s not possible or


F’ that! 

isn’t this YOUR life?
your one life? 

please dream
please love your worthiness
please ask for help

we’re all rooting for you

but first you have to unleash
and awaken and root in 
your desire

tell me, what do you want? 

can you answer without giving
its opposite:
“I don’t want ______”

ahem, that wasn’t the

what is the whisper saying? 

tell me, what do you want? 

let’s do it. 

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