There’s a lot of hubbub about goals and resolutions for a new year, but before the stroke of midnight tonight, can we take a moment celebrate what we’re proud of for this past year?

This isn’t easy for me. I was having a conversation with my coach and she called me a perfectionist. I laughed and said (in earnestness), “I’m not a perfectionist, I just don’t like mistakes.” 🤣

My natural tendency is review things with a “what’s undone, how could that be better, where did I not try hard enough.” 

While I’m generally an optimist about life and feel sparkly inside, there’s something about bragging or focusing on the good things I do that makes me uncomfortable.

But as a coach, I’m frequently reminding and celebrating the awesome things my clients doing or ways they’ve grown and changed. So, I’m walking the talk — I wrote down My 50 Brags for this year, and I’m encouraging you to do the same!!! 

Here’s a free template with 50 blank lines for you to recap what you’re proud of, what you’re thankful for and what you feel awesome about!! 

If you’re curious about the one thing I was most proud of — it is that I know how to manage and thrive in the face of overwhelm and anxiety. I have a process and healthy habits in place for handling life ~ so that I feel whole and happy. When I make decisions or do things, it’s coming from a joyful place.

What are you most proud of? 

Permission granted to take some time to not worry about your goals and resolutions and how to be better in the next decade. What about being happy right now???

I’m celebrating YOU today, in this moment!!! 

May you pay tribute to your awesomeness big or small. May you remember that you get to decide what makes you feel happy inside, not society or a scale. May you remember that time is more of a circle than something that begins and ends and that we can always introduce new ways of being regardless of what the calendar says. 

Many hugs,


I help stressed out working professionals stop destructive habits and be healthier and more joyful, so you can make lasting changes and achieve goals, even if you are busy. I do this through one-on-one coaching packages that provide a customized visual gameplan that you can actually use. Just hit reply to talk to me about scheduling a complimentary breakthrough session to get started on your personal plan.