I had written another post for today, but I heard something this week that I absolutely HAVE to share, which is ironic because this topic is all about playing the long game… basically how often do you go for instant gratification over something long term? How often in life are we choosing the urgent over the important??? It’s something I struggle with because I like making people happy, I enjoy eating and living in the moment. 

But what about holding up your decisions and actions against something more meaningful than instant gratification? Or shiny objects? 

My coach, Kristen Kalp, released this short and sweet, barely 20 mins podcast. I had a lot of light bulbs go off. We’ve really been working together on this idea of “Will I be happy I did this 2 years from now?” ~ mostly in relation to client work. I realized after I listened to the podcast that I have a little shrine to the long-term at my desk (see above pic)!! 

I have this blog post from Seth Godin that talks about how we often pick urgent because it “makes us feel competent. We’re good at it.” Compare this to the important in our lives, which is “fraught with fear, with uncertainty and with the risk of failure.” 

But it’s often what is most important to us that fuels us and makes us happy. What if we started making decisions based on that? Once we identify what is the thing MOST important to us, then we can have confidence, the patience and plan for that ~ this was taken from down-to-earth money mentor, Jen Hempill. 

Lastly, the quote, “Impose your chance, hold tight to your happiness, and go toward your risk. Looking your way, they’ll follow,” from the book Picnic in Provence (it’s a sequel, btw). 

In the last 2 days since this podcast was released, I’ve been able to ask myself this question of “does this support the long-game? Does this decision or action really reflect my intention? To me, making a decision based on a goal can sometimes feel forced because I’m naturally go with the flow. When decisions are rooted in something deeper, it makes a huge difference.

I’m forever grateful for the wisdom perspective that Kristen, Seth and Jen gifted to me. Being open to how others view the world and then actually putting that into place has been life-changing and helped me go from broken to brave to blissful in the last two years. I didn’t do it alone, though.  

What’s beautiful and wonderful about having a coach is that you have someone who will help shine a light on what is that happiness or thing you’re seeking. For some reason, it’s kind of hard to do that all by yourself. There’s something magical about the combination of hope and accountability that results in actual change.

If you’re curious about my coaching services, then reply back to me and we can talk about a free Breakthrough Session. I’m accepting two new clients after April 15. My life’s mission is to help people stop feeling like crap ~ to eat more real food and experience true joy. 

So, I ask, what makes you happy? Is there a jaguar in your kitchen — listen to the podcast!! 

A poem…

It’s not a bad thing.
Except when it is.

When it’s actually holding you back.
Feeding the negative ego
of self sabotage.

In those moments of indecision,
play the long game.

Will this make me happy
in 2 years
not 2 minutes?

Be driven by the fire inside you. 

Not the intermittent shiny spark
that fizzles
and actually leaves you 

Hold up your choices to what
your soul
really wants. 
Many hugs,

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