Create the holiday YOU want!

Dec 18, 2019 | blog

When journaling earlier this week, I felt ready to give up on Christmas. How we are supposed to feel so joyful and excited around this time of year, but at the same time with all the shoulds and decisions and responsibilities, it’s virtually impossible to NOT feel overwhelmed, at least that’s the case for me! And I feel like that is the refrain I’ve heard from many people. 😫

In my previous post I talked about intentions and it’s still not too late to write your intentions for the holidays (you can read that here). My intention was all about remembering to find wonder. I was inspired by two things: the idea that I get to create the holiday I want (not based on a commercialized Hallmark movie) and mostly by my youngest son.  

It amazes me that at 9 years old he still comes out looking for Droopy the Elf every morning. He loves the thrill of trying to find him in the house, and he told me “I wish I could give Droopy a hug, but I know he’ll lose his magic.” He’s grinning and giddy when he finally finds him hidden in the plants or hanging from the chandelier. 

Where does that sense of wonder go? 

I’m going to skip the long diatribe about society and adulting and how we spend so much energy on being perfect and not on being silly.

Rather, I want to focus on the right now. In the midst of all the stuff that has to be done in the next few days, I encourage you to do two things:  

  • Get back to the basics of water and rest ~ yes, go to bed on time or 5 mins early and drink more water through the day
  • Look for wonder in the small things 

Just try it for me… we need it now more than ever and yes, you can keep this going past next week

May your holiday be one that you create. On this day a week from now, may you be taking a deep, rejuvenating breath… looking around and even with disappointments or imperfections, may you find wonder. 

Many hugs, 

the deck was frosty this morning
iridescent sparkles in the
soft yellow porch light.
i paused and said hello
to the angels who watch over me. 

there is no quiet quite like
the morning
before time kicks in
~ a lovely stillness that
asks nothing of me.

where else can i find wonder today? 

i envy children with
their ease at being
delighted over
the smallest thing.

why does that go away?
in search of “bigger and better?”

it doesn’t have to…

resisting the urge to 
add it to my to do list:
🔲  find wonder today
✔️  check

does it work that way? 
seems like it’s something 
that’s invited
or maybe even prayed upon.

dear wonder,
whatcha doing? wanna hang out?
i know i’m busy, but i could use
your company.
gimme a shout, would ya?

i promise i’ll look up from my desk,
the laundry, my phone
and we can spend some
quality time together. 

you are welcome here
with me, anytime…
see you soon!

and now, it’s up to me
when it’s past the calm of the AM
and into the day

to let wonder

Here are some of my favorite places Droopy has hidden this year. 😃

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