I had this whole blog post I’d written about taking risks, but I felt like there was a different message to share this week. I want to ask you ~ are you having fun yet? 

Not like, yay, it’s Friday! I’m going to happy hour. Or we’re gonna do this thing or that thing that will bring me some moments of good times. 

Are you having fun in your life? In the day-to-day living? 

Where can you make it more fun? 

The pic above is from a sign in my office. A nice reminder that I want to share with you. 
Seek fun. 
Seek enjoyment in your work. 
Seek things that make you laugh. 
Seek silliness in the mundane.

Yes, things suck sometimes. It’s gonna happen. Embrace it, process it, ask for help. 

But remember to embrace fun, TOO. Cause that cliche of “life’s too short” is kinda true. I’m not going to list a bunch of examples. You already know if something is fun or not to you. You know it, deep down. Pay attention to that whisper. 

Now, go have some fun. That’s my plan anyway… 

Many hugs,


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