Two years ago I went by myself to a workshop called Brave. It was April 2017. I admitted that I was unhappy with my career/work to a group of strangers and a woman who would become my coach (but I didn’t know that yet). I was just there because I had to do something to change the trajectory of my days.

I look back at who I was when was there and am so thankful for how far I’ve come in reclaiming myself, recognizing my dreams and creating joy in my life every day. If you would’ve told me I would be a health coach, easily write poems, actually work out before I do my client work, make more money and have what’s called Sparkle Days with my mom (on the 12th of every month), I would’ve looked at you like you had 15 heads.

But I’ve taken the time to look inward, to build new habits, to question old ones, to do scary things, to actually learn to love myself for who I am.

On Wednesday, I got home from another retreat led by the same coach, which was called the Voice. We discussed how we often have different voices for our private selves, our personal lives and in our professional endeavors. This is an important continuation of my journey because I self-censor ALL. THE. TIME… meaning I often say things in my head, but don’t say them out loud for a number of reasons.

I don’t exactly know how what I learned and experienced will manifest in my life in the coming years, but I’m open to it and definitely excited and filled with hope. I don’t need to know the answers. I just need to keep checking in with myself to make sure I like the trajectory and it feels right and true to me.

It’s important to me to make time for these kind of moments when we step away from our daily lives and look at thing objectively. It makes me ask… how are you investing in yourself and what you want out of this life and from yourself?

I’m so appreciative of my coach (here’s the poem that changed it all for me), for all the totally fantastic and marvelous people I’ve met by going outside of my comfort zone, and for my family’s support and their growth, too.

Here’s to not knowing the answers and for looking at new paths as something filled with magic and delight yet to come.

Many hugs,

TLDR: You gotta invest in yourself and look inward to have the life you want.

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